Sneak Peak

We've always been a huge fan of Galbraith & Paul fabrics, especially their lotus pattern which has made an appearance in a couple projects now.  In this case it was just the right size for the backs of some louis dining chairs we had custom made for clients in menlo park.  We're Excited for the upcoming photo shoot next week!  

Travel Inspiration & Sourcing

One of my favorite things from a recent trip to India was seeing so many beautiful and sometimes incredibly detailed tile designs.  

Even the simplest patterns still had such a lovely geometry to them.  


But of course another favorite would have to be the shopping!  It's so much fun to find unique pieces to bring back for projects.  And part of the fun is just waiting to see where something will end up.

This beautiful pearl inlay table already had a client waiting for it!  And always handy to have a little secret storage.

Now time to decide where the next trip will be!

Outdoor Pillow Roundup

With summer just around the corner, we are thinking of barbeques, warm evenings and time spent outdoors. Which leads us to think about outdoor pillows! There’s something so nice about dressing up an outdoor sofa or chair with a bright patterned pillow, and options abound this season. Here are some of our top picks.

Custom Chairs from Start to Finish

We’ve found that sometimes the perfect piece of furniture doesn’t exist and getting a custom piece made can be a great alternative. Recently clients fell in love with a set of chairs only to find that they were no longer available.  Solution? Have them made and make them even better!

From a shop drawing to a frame. Then upholstered with a durable, kid-friendly grey contract grade velvet.

Voila!  A beautiful pair of chairs ready to be delivered to their new home.