IKEA Roundup

What better way to follow our target roundup than with an IKEA roundup?!  We are all about finding ways to keep those project budgets under control and it's no surprise our other favorite source for this is IKEA.  There are a few staple pieces we've found ourself going back to time and time again so figured we just had to share…. 

1.  The KALLAX system (formerly known as the Expedit) - This amazing storage system is so versatile and there is nothing like it that even comes close in price.  We love that you can mix and match cabinets, drawers and baskets with open storage to make just the right type of storage for your needs with a clean and simple design.  

2.  The DOCKSTA table - An impressive take on the classic tulip table.  This works with a variety of different styles and the minimal assembly is always a perk!

3.  RIBBA Frames - Available in so many shapes and sizes and now in white, black and gray.  We especially love this simple frame when doing gallery walls since those can start adding up quickly.

4.  SKOLD sheepskin - Now even better with the new much lower price!  These are great for nurseries for a super soft space to crawl around on.  The smaller RENS sheepskin is also a favorite, especially for throwing on top of a dining chair that needs a little extra cushion.

5. AROD reading lamp - We love how this is easily adjustable to conform to where it's going and can add a modern touch to just about any style space.  Also available as a table lamp.

6. LINBLOMMA duvet cover and pillow cases - Oh how we love linen, especially for bedding.  If you have kids and pets and can't stomach spending $300+ on a duvet then this is for you.  And if white is still a bit scary it also comes in a lovely natural.

7. AINA curtain panels - Again with our love for linen!  This may be the best IKEA bargain we've found yet at only $30/panel.  These work great as a simple and affordable solution for light and airy white linen drapes to soften a space and add a little privacy.

8. RANARP lamp - White and Brass.  Enough said.  Also comes in a floor lamp, sconce and pendant now!